A buildup of dust, pollen, and other contaminants on your windows may make them appear dirty and dingy, reducing the amount of natural light coming through. What could possibly be worse? Streaks left behind by improper cleaning. To keep your view streak-free and your indoor plants happy, use Premier Softwash Solutions‘ expert window cleaning tips. Your windows will sparkle like never before if you use the proper window-cleaning supplies and techniques.

Wipe Before You Clean

Before beginning the cleaning process, use a brush or a handheld vacuum to remove any dust or debris from the window frames. This will keep dirt from becoming mud when mixed with a cleaning solution. To clean a super dirty window screen, remove it, wash it in hot, soapy water with a gentle brush, then rinse and dry it before reinstalling it. The best way to quickly clean shades and blinds is to go over both sides with a microfiber duster. You can also open up the slats and go over each one with a wet cloth followed by a dry one.

Microfiber Is Your Friend

Washable and reusable microfiber towels are ideal for cleaning windows, leaving them streak-free and crystal-clear. These are ideal for applying cleaning solutions to windows, scrubbing them clean, and wiping them dry. The best part is that they’re gentle and won’t damage your glass in any way.

Be Careful With Harsh Chemicals

Glass cleaners using ammonia or alcohol as an ingredient should be avoided. They may look like they would clean more intensely, but in actuality, they can end up leaving streaks and a light coating that attracts dirt particles and moisture. If you’re having trouble getting rid of a stubborn stain, dab a solvent like acetone or rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and wipe it straight into the problem area. Wipe it dry before continuing to clean your window as usual.

Softwash Your Windows

If you want a professional to clean your windows, look for a company that uses soft washing. Soft washing cleans your home with very low pressure and a biodegradable solution that doesn’t harm the environment. This low-pressure approach protects your siding and windows. When you use a solution with a soft wash, the mildew, algae, and filth will be removed from your home and windows, and it will not come back for a much longer time than with standard power washing.